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About Me

Sajeewa Randula Dissanayake, commonly known as “Sajeewa Dissanayake” stepped into Sri Lankan music industry in 2016 with his hit song “Ikman Wela” which went viral on social media. Later he was able to release his second song “Dawasak Ewida” which was done in Bengali and Nepali languages as well. Sajeewa released his 3rd Muisc Video”Ayachana” in February,2019 and it was a comeback by sajeewa to music industry since he was silent for two years.

At present Sajeewa helps his family-owned production house “Live Online Entertainment” which is also a Digital Media Agency where he manages the digital media presence of reputed artists & brands to support them.

Sajeewa studied at Royal College Colombo 07 and followed CIMA in 2013. At present Sajeewa holds a Diploma in Banking and Finance and a Diploma in Management Accounting. Furthermore, Sajeewa is a Youtube Certified Content Provider and a Facebook Certified Digital Media Associate & a certified community manager.

Even though Sajeewa is employed at a private bank in Sri Lanka, his “passion for Digital Media will never be ending”, Sajeewa Said.

About Social Media Consultancy

I have been handling social media issues for more than 3 years for free. Time has passed by and the number of requests has dramatically increased. It’s time for me to limit them. Even a single issue takes a lot of time sometimes and I believe that “Time has a value”. Since this is my passion and I should keep my brand alive even though this is not a business, I have built a team of specialists to handle your requests and they will charge you based on the time involved & the depth of the issue. ( Please note that the fees you pay here goes directly to them and I don’t deal with any money )

My team has a success rate of more than 90%. But they won’t be able to help if you have done something serious which violates one or more Community Standards or Terms and Conditions of the social media platform. You can read more about them from the following links.)



2019         Ayachana


2017         Dawasak Ewida

දවසක් ඒවිද

2016         Ikman Wela

ඉක්මන් වෙලා

2015         Pera Dinaka

පෙර දිනක